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Gospel singer Olivia Charamba secret love child exposed


It’s a question that has long dogged the First Family of Gospel Music. It threatens to tarnish the spotless social record Olivia and Charles Charamba hold as a pious couple

Rumour has it that Olivia Charamba (nee Maseko) has a secret lovechild that Charles had helped “bury” from the public to maintain the “we are squeaky clean” image.

Now, fresh word has it that this secret lovechild has been married off to a suitor. Tradition demands that Olivia superintend the traditional customary marriage, as mother of the bride. Word making rounds was that this daughter is not Charles’s. She belongs to Olivia and a man she dated before she met the silk-voiced crooner.

Indeed, she has a “daughter” that Charles did not father. Word had it that the suitor of Olivia’s secret daughter paid the bride price (lobola) sometime last month. And all had been done without the knowledge of Baba Charamba. The ceremony was said to have been held at the Maseko home in Zengeza 1, Chitungwiza, where Olivia stayed as a spinster with her secret daughter before marrying Charles Charamba.

H-Metro tracked down Mai Charamba’s “secret daughter” in Chitungwiza, before being referred to Westgate where the “daughter” is staying with Olivia’s relative. “Sorry, no one from our family was married recently,” said Olivia’s brother, Jabulani Maseko. He told H-Metro his sister had never had a child before she married Charles. But Jabulani took his time to explain what he knows about his sister’s “secret daughter”.

“The child you are telling me about is not Olivia’s daughter. Although, of course, her name is Charlene Maseko (Olivia’s maiden name). “Her father is my brother and he lives in South Africa where he works. So Olivia was given the responsibility to look after the child while her parents were at work,” he said.

Jabulani revealed that Charlene was staying with relatives in Westgate. H-Metro managed to sniff out Charlene at their Westgate residence where she opened up on her life. She said the rumour about the whole issue is a “laughing matter that will never put her off”. “My name IS Tatenda Charlene Maseko. I was born in October 1991. “Mai Charamba is my aunt. She is not my mother although she takes on that responsibility with regards my welfare,” said Charlene.

She said she only stayed with Mai Charamba when she was doing Grade One in Chitungwiza, although she has taken on most of the “mother” related duties. Nicknamed Bollie (bald head) after she was born without a single strand of hair, Charlene said her mother died in 1999. “My mother died when I was eight years old and that was when I started staying with tete (aunt) Charamba in Chitungwiza.”

That was before the glory days when the Charambas hit the professional gospel music jackpot, made a sizeable bit of “dough” and moved to plush old Borrowdale. “I stayed with her for two years before moving to Bulawayo where I stayed with some other relatives,” she said. Asked how she could convince people that she was NOT really Olivia’s child, Charlene pulled out her national identity card and a birth certificate. “Look at my identity card and my birth certificate to see for yourself that I am not Olivia’s daughter.

“Actually, she is my aunt and I don’t know where people get all this talk to the contrary.” Apparently, the “secret” and news is not new! “My mother had processed my birth certificate before she died,” said the soft-spoken young lady. Her identities showed that her late mother was called Siphiwe Phiri and her father is Takawira Maseko. Charlene also told H-Metro that she had a brother named Tinashe who stays in Gweru.

“We are best of friends with tete Amai Charamba and we usually visit each other, although most of the time I offer excuses each time she calls me at her house, as I am reserved. “My father stays in South Africa and he usually comes home in December,” she said.

Charlene said Amai Charamba loves talking about it (allegations that Charlene is her lovechild). She is not offended each time someone talks about it. “Ivo tete zvinotovanakidza. I don’t feel offended when I hear someone talking about it because I know the truth. “What people say is just nothing and I will never be put off by that,” she said.

Asked whether she was married, Charlene burst into laughter. “I am only 19 years old. I am doing my Upper Six at Elephant College. “How can I be married when I am still at school?” Amai Masuku, who is staying with Charlene, chipped in with: “We have no close relative that has recently been married.

“On top of that, no close relative in our family has received any lobola either.” Amai Masuku said she had been at the same school with Amai Charamba from Form 3 up to Advanced Level. Mai Masuku said she had never seen Olivia pregnant and never heard that Olivia dropped out of school because she was pregnant.

“We heard of this story several times. Now that you have the whole truth about the child, we hope the rumour will be laid to rest. We hope it will die a natural death. “As a family, the story is just nothing and we will never lose sleep over it.” Earlier, Amai Charamba had dismissed the issue of her secret daughter after it emerged. It almost ruined their marriage. Finally, the secret daughter has a name, face, and a real mother, although she is deceased.

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