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Home | NAME AND SHAME ZANUPF THUGS | ZANUPF minister Walter Mzembi's brother haunts singer as plot to seek revenge thickens

ZANUPF minister Walter Mzembi's brother haunts singer as plot to seek revenge thickens

image Walter Mzembi's brother ,Laurence Muzembi

The ZANUPF minister Walter Mzembi who had a squabble with anti mugabe singer and activist Viomak on facebook last week is said to have  taken leave away  from Viomak but he did not go silently as his brother Laurence Muzembi has taken over from where the ZANUPF minister left.The squabble which has turned into a family affair has seen Viomak and the self styled Christian Laurence Muzembi exchanging more words on the social networking site. 

Walter Mzembi is "a notorius Masvingo South thug who failed to learn from his mentor Ed Zvobgo and was rewarded by Mugabe for his hand in the June 2008 election violence and killings terrorizing his own constituency,the very pple who voted for him.He maintains a very close relationship with similar thugs like Rugeje and others.His failure to condemn the violence and ZanuPFsponsored killings is evidence enough of his murderous culture and his many deals make him a well-known thief in Masvingo South " ,said one Zimbabwean.

Viomak has also confirmed that eversince she had the squabble with the minister a lot of ZANUPF supporters have added her as a facebook friend ,including the minster's brother Laurence Muzembi who has gone on a spree to lambast her .The brother whose facebook  profile shows that he lives in Usk and is from Llangattock Nigh Usk ,Monmouthshire,United Kingdom is said to be  a proud ZANUPF  supporter according to his profile which shows his political views as ,


Political Views


 After Laurence added Viomak as a facebook friend yesterday the protest singer updated her status to read,

Viomak OK.I just accepted friendship from a Laurence C Muzembi.He most likely heard me talking about thieving zanupf minister Walter Mzembi and he thought of becoming my friend.His profile indicates that he is inspired by Walter Mzembi.Really ?

Immediately after Viomak updated her status,Laurence commented on it leaving a trail of words republished here unedited.

  Laurence C Muzembi I am indeed, are you two ok?

 Viomak Fortunately I am not inspired by thieves and murderers.

 Laurence C Muzembi You should know better than we do I suppose?

  Violetta Viomak Exactly.You won't know since you are in it because you are one of them so you better hear it from those of us who are not in zanupf.

 Laurence C Muzembi What is it then - I am more than happy to know

 Viomak You want proof that your party zanupf is a party of murderers and thieves?

 Laurence C Muzembi Yes, and what Walter whom you are so obsessed with had done to you

Laurence C Muzembi It seems you're making a living abroad on a ticket of down playing others - if your conscience is right you should do that

Violetta Viomak Are you Walter's mouth piece?I am living abroad yes and helping to expose Zimbabwe thieves and murderers in govt but not on a ticket of downplaying others.Are you saying zanupf is not a party of thieves and murderers?

Laurence C Muzembi If still you cant prove it then they're not, and the rhetoric you're sending gainsaying. I am no Walter's mouth piece but I just think wisdom should be justfied by her children.


Viomak What can't I prove? I can prove that zanupf is a party of thieves and murderers .What do you mean "I just think wisdom should be justfied by her children" .

Viomak Are you the only one who doesn't know that your party zanupf is a party of thieves and murderers?

Laurence C Muzembi I see you're Christian; what sort if your motivation is not to bring peace?

Laurence C Muzembi What would you achieve by that? I know Zanu PF that is working with its oppositions for the cause of nation building - what are you doing?

Viomak Those who don't know that your party zanupf is a party of thieves and murderers will know.That's a great achievement.What is zanupf achieving by murdering those who oppose and stealing from us? I AM EXPOSING MURDERERS AND THIEVES.And what are you doing?  

Viomak Laurence C Muzembi Peace is also brought through exposing murderers and thieves.Who said Christians are not supposed to expose murderers and thieves?So you think Christians should smile and clap hands as murderers slaughter us like wild animals?

Laurence C Muzembi I see you are back dated to stone age,that method wont work now - move with time; the situation on the ground is much better than you think .

Viomak So you say for me to be morden I should forget about zanupf murderers?No matter how the situation is zanupf is a party of murderers and thieves.Do you agree that zanupf is a party of thieves and murderers no matter the situation you are talking about.

Laurence C Muzembi You perish not knowing the scriptures and the power of God .

Laurence C Muzembi If you can forget colonization why cant you forget other past experiences .

 Viomak Now stop using God's name in vain to justify your evil deeds.So don't preach the scriptures to me whilst you are busy murdering OK.So are you saying the scripture of God say I should keep quiet as you murder and steal from us? Which scripture tells you to murder and steal from us?

 Laurence C Muzembi What is it that was stolen from you?

 Viomak Laurence C Muzembi Who said I forgot colonization? If you forget past experiences yourself why do you have jails and courts in Zimbabwe.

Laurence C Muzembi I like your thought but you just not playing it well

Violetta Viomak If you don't know what you are stealing from us I suggest you visit a psychiatry centre.Not everyone dances to your DIRTY tune and I am one of those who don't.That's why I am not playing it well .

Laurence C Muzembi What a pity! You’re in exile - a self styled one, isn’t it? Now you look back, all you see is what others do when you’re on the run. Can you do that there? No, I tell you others are doing exploits - so what do you do; COVET. Can you make a dime on fb? Not when you're given to quarrels and when pick unnecessary fights. Would you think there are rewards waffling on facebook? - may be with visa credit points. How can someone have gone to UZ and come back a reprobate. If in life you suffered abuse of some kind, don’t just take it on every man you see but rather discuss it with your peers or some of that sort maybe they will be in a position to help you overcome your fears. If you’re married and have children, I pray that they help you realise yourself, and I would advise you begin respecting them (charity begins at home) before you become a society figure. I like your cause though but it’s just the way you’re doing it, it’s pathetic – you need advice not only from your fb fans because some don’t love you that much. If they do they will help you in your character considering you’re pursuing fame of some sought. However, I repeat, you need advice and your cause will be stunning. If for sure you’re a Christian and you still do go to Church – it’s just not about you now BUT the body of Christ – and this is why I had to write; don’t be a disgrace to our society, give room for advice, for conscience sake. 

 Viomak Iwe Muzembi unanyara.Stop using God's name in vain.You are used to be called boss boss and when you are told the truth you start behaving like an evil spirit from hell.I don't need your advice.Advise yourself and then go and advise your bro...ther who helped to murder opposition and also stole sugar at a funeral in addition to stealing our money that he is using to lead an extravagant life.You are a family of thieves of murderers Laurence.The people that your brother murdered will come back to haunt you.You and your murderous brother are the disgrace in society and not me.You are heartless and evil I tell you.Thugs and thieves of the highest order.What a shame.Supporting a party of thieves and murderers and you say Lord Lord.Which God are you praying nhaiwe murume iwe?I never suffered abuse in life .Unopenga mhondi iwe.How do people who suffered abuse behave.If you have nothing worthwhile to do don't do it on my wall.Look at yourself in the mirror.Would you?What do you look like Laurence.A paedophile.You frighten me.I pray the children in your house are safe.

Laurence C Muzembi You seem to know the course of justice, why don't you take it then? I am afraid to say pple don't need your voice whose solely aim is to divide and pull people apart. Ur full of deception. You would rather sing than assume fame you don't have. You left Zimbabwe at own will and nobody chased after you as you profess - you can still go back and nobody will even care. All the best on your endeavours and support your family well. You are not in touch with the progressing Zimbabwe we know ...Zim politics has since moved on - kura neunhu, inga wava amai - tofa nekunyarira imba yako. What can we steal from you - CDs?

Violetta Viomak If nobody cares about me why are you wasting your time on me.Mind you it it's now 48 hours since you started commenting on my wall and you can't get over me.You really have time waste on useless people like me .Right? Why are you wasting your time on someone who is not famous then?Are you mad?

 Viomak Read yourself in the news.Stupid zanupf thug.

Laurence C Muzembi You are not useless Violetta, but you can do better - I like you, and also that your interests serve a good purpose. Your cause is good but its just the way you articulate it. No one is perfect though but is that the best way you can deal with issues?

Laurence C Muzembi Lets agree we have different views while we can lough together on other things - That respect is honourable in all.

  Viomak Seems like you are trying to recruit me into your party.Am not interested and will never be interested so don't like me please.I take it as a curse to be liked by people of your calibre.Imi baba you should attend to your wife now and stop wasting your time on me.

 Viomak We don't have differences but we have disagreements.I don't laugh with murderers and torturers.Ok.

Laurence C Muzembi Thank you for being so thoughful; I like all parties in Zimbabwe - they serve a good purpose. Disagreements will always be there even in families. And with all due respect, carry one the fire!

 Viomak Finally.Thank you very much for according me the opportunity to showcase my political skills.Will keep in touch as ZIDELE supporters will require protection from ZANUPF thugs.Will keep the fire burning.Go ZIDELE Go.Pasi neZANUPF.

Laurence C Muzembi All the best - God bless - Shalom!

 Viomak Thank you very much Mr Laurence C Muzembi.It was very painful talking to you.And tell your brother to behave himself .Bye.


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